We help founders and CEOs lead movements

 Why does messaging and positioning seem so hard? Because it is.
We’re here to change that.

It starts with a bold vision for solving a problem. 
Crafted into a brand that inspires people to action.


Growth is hard. Especially as an early to mid-stage tech company where your future depends on it.

Product. Brand positioning. Marketing strategy. Action plan. Tactics. What CEO has the time, expertise and patience for it all with so many other competing priorities? It can feel overwhelming, so you don’t deal with it.

We get you.

Coleap is a new kind of boutique marketing consultancy. We are a group of successful brand marketers, sales leaders, product marketers, story experts and people leaders who are driven by the challenge to help business leaders grow their brands through ambitious strategy, compelling communications and winning execution.

And just how do we help companies drive movements you wonder?

We partner with you and your team to identify strategy, messaging and positioning, uncovering the unique position and the stories to back it up that sets you apart from competitors--so you can powerfully exploit your unique position and grow.

We are strategists. We are coaches. We are marketers.

Led by entrepreneur and marketing veteran Kathy Sacks, we are a collective of leaders in tech. We've worked with some of the best known brands leading their markets, partnering with some of the most respected founders and CEOs in technology.

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I started coleap to help founders and CEOs lead the movements that matter—that make a difference and drive impact.

We partner with leaders who aim to change the status quo in their industry.

Brands We've Helped

Experienced at creating impact.


We've seen it all, representing thinkers and doers across marketing, product, people leadership and sales. We live and breathe growth.

We understand the hard things about what it take to grow a company. 

We know how to get under the hood to make big things happen. 

We understand your #1 priority—>growth. Without a powerful brand that connects to customers, your dreams of this are toast. 

Learn more about how we work with leaders to accelerate their journey from leader to thought leader and create a movement around the problems they are out to solving.

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For founders and CEOs who aim to lead movements.

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Brand strategy. Positioning workshops. Thought leadership. Growth marketing. Content strategy. Leadership coaching.