Coleap is a new kind of company made up of lead consultant Kathy Sacks along with an awesome collective of smart, experienced leaders and thinkers who understand deeply what it takes to build a brand with big value and impact. The kind of impact that moves the market. And we do it with you in collaboration supporting you so you can scale your ideas over time, consistently.

We do a bunch of things within the growth bucket. And we're pretty skilled at identifying the best ways to drive you impact.

  • Brand positioning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Positioning workshops
  • Product marketing
  • Thought leadership
  • Growth marketing online
  • Content strategy
  • Leadership coaching
  • Founder therapist :-)

We believe in the power of customer love and brand on your future.
We'll help you multiply it through...

Leading with Brand

Once you have an interesting and big enough problem that spurs you to action and build a solution, your work really begins in how you most effectively take it to market, find new audiences and expand your reach. Enter: Brand positioning. Today, brand matters more than ever. The bolder, and clearer the better to move people to change.

Leading with Thought
Effective leaders push boundaries to gain growth and influence. The founder and CEO is the loudest voice inside the company, but often they fall short in scaling that flag waving directly to their target markets and the industry. The movement starts with you, your vision and how you lead publicly, telling the stories that resonate and inspire people.

Leading the Movement
A leader must have the guts to stand out and be ridiculed, to be questioned, to be judged. It's a test of your chops and passion for your idea and the problem you aim to solve. When the message, the product and the market are aligned--it's magic. It's a movement.


How can we help you?
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